CRS Goes Green

It is only right that CRS follows suit with the 'Global Green' initiative and goes green for St Patrick's Day. Every year, famous landmarks, businesses, venues and institutions across the world light up for the occasion.

Whilst we support this initiative, we consider ourselves to be green all year round - we value sustainability and want to ensure our footprint is as green as possible.

The engineering team at CRS are constantly looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our units. As an FGAS certified company, we comply with regulations of the EU which are set to reduce emissions of FGAS to the atmosphere. 

Waste Reduction

Reducing waste is something that all companies should be striving to achieve and yet, more than 50% of global food loss and waste is comprised of commodities that can benefit from refrigeration. CRS has developed temperature monitoring systems that enable the end-user to be made aware of any breaches in temperature and subsequently determine a course of action that will prevent spoilage. 

Only around 10% of perishable foods are refrigerated worldwide, yet refrigeration is the best technology, with no associated risks, to ensure food safety and prolong the shelf life of such goods. With access to a wide range of low-temperature refrigerated solutions, the shelf life of a wide range of products can be improved, assisting with the continuous problem retailers are facing regarding expiry dates and in-store waste. 

 Energy Efficiency

Many of our cold storage solutions have multiple cooling units and each of which is individually controlled. This allows the customer to turn on and off many cooling units as they need depending on their individual factors such as time of year and stock levels. Additionally, many of our refrigeration units are equipped with the R-452A which delivers a 45% lower environmental impact, easy conversion and lower operating costs.

Get in touch today with CRS to discuss how we can help improve your energy efficiency ratings and reduce energy costs. 


Wednesday 17th March 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage