45ft Mobile Refrigerated Container

Mobile Refrigerated Container

Is your cold storage solution not adequate to your needs? Are you ready to save time and money? Sound to good to be true, it's not! It's time to invest in the CRS Refrigerated Container range. Our units range from 10ft to 45ft, offering the ideal environment for effcient cold storage while maintaining low operating costs.

The 45ft Refrigerated Container is the largest in our range and offers a massive, 26 pallet capacity. This unit is perfect for large scale cold storage. You will also benefit from improved stock rotation and picking due to the size and great accessiblity of the unit.

We specialise in long term hire of premium cold storage solutions. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. To order your refrigeration container or portable cold store for hire, rental, lease or purchase, contact our cold storage experts online now or ring us on 0818 929824.