Remote Temperature Monitoring Industry Solutions

Our remote temperature monitoring enables you to monitor the exact parameters which are essential to your business. It helps guarantee safety, optimize processes, increase cost-efficiency, and attain compliance with sector-related regulations and requirements.

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Guarantees food safety and prolongs shelf life

Traces whether food products are manufactured, stored, transported, and prepared at the correct temperature. Enables compliance with food safety regulations and enhances the shelf life of perishable food products. Useful throughout the entire product chain: manufacturing, distribution, transport, retail, restaurants, takeaway etc.

Prevents contamination during manufacture and transport

Prevents contamination in clean-rooms and labs by strictly controlling environmental conditions. Registers the exact circumstances under which products or samples have been manufactured and/or transported. Monitors critical parameters for the sector: temperature, humidity, overpressure, underpressure, etc.

Creates healthy, safe and comfortable surroundings

Prevents legionella and other diseases through remote temperature monitoring of water taps, showers, and other sanitation facilities. Permanently monitors energy consumption and operational status of HVAC systems, lighting, and other installations. Safeguards air quality by remote measurement of CO2 levels, carbon monoxide detection, and ventilation management.

Protects crops and optimises their yield

Detects frost and other critical weather conditions at an early stage and allows timely preventive actions. Optimizes irrigation by continuously measuring the water content of the ground. Enables farmers to take the exact measures needed and use agents in a well-considered manner.

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