Fruit & Vegetable Cold Room

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CRS has a wide range of refrigeration products and services available to the naturally seasonal fruit & vegetable industry.

New and refurbished equipment is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods. Call 0818 929824 for a free, no obligation quote.

All our solutions are delivered to your site directly so you don't need to worry about additional warehousing and transport costs.

Fruit & Vegetable Cold Room


Mobile Refrigerated Containers Refrigerated Container Cold Stores
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available
  • Store at -35°C – +35°Cs
  • No planning permission needed to install
  • Weatherproof, so can be safely placed outside to free up space
  • Includes man trap and sight and sound alarms
Industrial Blast Freezers Portable Blast Freezers
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available
  • Come in 10kw, 60kW and 106kW powers
  • Bring your blast freezing in house to lower your production overheads
  • No planning permission needed to install
  • Preserve the quality and flavour of your fresh produce
60 Pallet Mega Cold Store Extra Wide Cold Storage Containers
  • 16-24ft wide cold storage container rooms
  • Extra width gives fast and efficient stock turnaround
  • No planning permission needed for installation
  • Great for large capacity storage needs
  • Fully waterproof for safe outside placement

Blast Freezing

Blast Freezing to trap in Freshness

Our varieties of blast freezers and cold rooms come in a range of capacities for storing fruit and vegetables to keep out of season products fresh and crisp, allowing you to meet customer demands throughout the entire year.

Locally produced produce such as lettuce and apples that would be out of season by the end of September can be kept fresh and available for sale throughout the non-seasonable months, and those imported from abroad can be safely stored to ensure that they reach your consumers in peak condition.

Our industrial freezers allow you to shock freeze your produce without worrying about damaging its taste and quality, allowing you to store it long term just as fresh and delicious as the day it was harvested.

We can offer various sizes and options in our commercial refrigeration product range, including a fully customisable cold storage project to tailor your storage precisely to your needs and demands.

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CRS provided temporary storage for Keelings Farm Fresh. The requirement was for chilled and cold storage for approximately 6 months while they prepared for a move to a new facility.

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For local or smaller capacity businesses, our mini mobile cold stores are the ideal low-cost solution which allow you to transport produce to markets and retailers at peak freshness without excess costs.

All our temperature controlled storage is entirely weatherproof so can be sited outside and needs no additional planning permission, meaning it can be placed on-site for storage straight after harvesting or at the distributors to maximise space efficiency.

Agriculture Supply Chain

Agriculutre Supply Chain

We also offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions including remote temperature monitoring technology that can include tracking, recording and reporting capabilities as required by your company. Our range of monitoring solutions allows your company to manage its operational resources so you can monitor your transport fleet and in-house cold storage facility with ease.

Give our cold storage experts a call today on 0818 929824 to see how we can help supply you with a Fruit & Vegetable Cold Room.