Thermo King Refrigeration

Thermo King and CRS Mobile Cold Storage have had a successful partnership over the last decade, supplying low maintenance, robust solutions nationally and internationally within the cold storage industry.

The Magnum Plus units reach temperatures as low as -40C, so its guaranteed that your cold storage solution will keep your products and stock at the whatever temperature you require.

With the help of Thermo King, CRS Mobile Cold Storage can fulfil your Thermo King requirements quickly and efficiently offering overnight delivery of up to 20,000 parts worldwide.

CRS currently Supplies the following Thermo King units:


  • Requires less energy - MAGNUM PLUS™ incorporates new advanced features reduce energy consumption saving you money.
  • The unit is capable of reaching -40C cold storage temperature in an environment of +35C. This is the lowest temperature currently available on the market.
  • Improved temperature management – incorporates a new temperature control system to improve the accuracy and guarantee the require quality for your stored products.  
  • A Space saving, light weight design ensures less space is required to store your cold storage unit, increasing the usable storage capacity.   

Thermo King MAGNUM™

  • Durable solution – a huge 15 year life, able to withstand and maintain temperatures of -25C to +30C over this time span.
  • Simple design – the Thermo King MAGNUM™ is a reliable solution designed for simplicity and longevity. 

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