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We offer a range of refrigeration services and products which are ideal for any retail business. Our products are designed to keep your products as fresh as they can possibly be whether they are fruit and vegetables, meat or any other temperature-sensitive goods

New and refurbished equipment is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods.

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Retail Refrigeration Solutions


Mini Mobile Cold Store Mini Mobile Cold Stores
  • Temperature range -35°C – +35°C
  • Good for both freezing and chilling applications
  • Tailgate ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Car trailer and ground site options available as required
Mobile Refrigerated Containers Refrigerated Container Cold Stores
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available
  • Store at -35°C – +35°Cs
  • No planning permission needed to install
  • Can be placed outside to free up space
  • Also see our extra wide cold stores for easy access
60 Pallet Mega Cold Store Extra Wide Cold Storage Containers
  • 16-24ft wide cold storage container rooms
  • Extra width gives fast and efficient stock turnaround
  • No planning permission needed for installation
  • Great for large capacity storage needs
  • Fully waterproof for safe outside placement to help make best use of internal space

Retail Cold Stores

Retail Cold Stores

Our portable cold rooms can extend the shelf life of your perishable goods to their maximum potential as well as maintaining quality, minimising waste and thus increasing profits. The wide variety of sizes of our products allow for different storage options, giving you a choice in the way in which you manage your products.

With our smaller solutions we offer unparalleled flexibility so that you are able to store specific product types in their own individual space, while our larger options provide you with a cost effective stock management infrastructure. All our temperature controlled storage products are available to lease, buy or rent to suit your budget and requirements.

Our specialised commercial refrigeration equipment has a range of features that are directly specific to the cold storage needs of companies, such as yourselves found within the retail sector.

Temperatures are fully adjustable, ranging from 35°C to a frostbiting -35°C. This retail sector businesses to be able to easily store different products with different temperature requirements at different times rather than being restricted to one product per cold room.

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German Retailer

German Retailer

A leading German discount grocery store which operates in Ireland approached CRS as they needed a large volume of pre frozen eutectic plates in order to safely transport refrigerated goods to their stores nationwide.

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We offer a variety of storage options within our cold storage solutions. Shelving installation is available for any of our larger products in order to meet with your specific requirements, to ensure you are utilising all the space available within your cold storage unit, as well as offering an opportunity to organise your products within the container itself.

We also offer extra large large walk in and food grade cold stores which are ideal for the storage of very large volumes of goods. Our cold storage units are designed specifically to allow them to be sited outdoors, meaning that you can free up valuable warehouse space to allow your storage to become more efficient and space-conscious.

Retail Cold Chain & Monitoring

At CRS we can also supply you with supply chain monitoring equipment such as remote temperature monitors. This allows you to be free of reliance on an outside company or software to manage this for you by giving you the capability to do it yourself, greatly reducing costs.

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