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CRS Mobile Cold Storage and Zanotti have a long and storied past. CRS have used Zanotti on the rental fleet of temperature controlled storage solutions and sells Zanotti direct to engineers and the trade.

With particular experience using the ZM and GM ranges used for single phase power options on 10ft and 20ft container type refrigerated containers CRS have been working with Zanotti for a number of years. We also provide Zanotti options for blast freezing and on the Max Box Cold Store range.

Zanotti units are ideal for situations where you have the need for quieter storage with some units running at as little as 47 dBA which is only slightly louder than the background noise of a television.

With the help of Zanotti, CRS are able to provide chiling, freezing and blast freezing for all of its ranges, from container cold stores, max box cold stores, blast freezing/chilling, our modular flat pack cold stores and our pharmaceutical range.

CRS currently supply and use the following ranges:

Zanotti GM

GM units are versatile monoblock (uniblock) units that can be fitted in a straddle mount or with the use of a through-wall kit and have been given a full upgrade and redesign.

  • Automated alarm system in case of insufficiently cleaned condenser.
  • Expandable refrigerant capillaries
  • Automated hot gas defrost
  • Built in condensate evacuation that runs automatically
  • Updated control panel for easier configuration of your refrigeration unit

Zanotti RS

RS units are a monoblock (uniblock) unit to be fitted in a roofmount position. Ideal for places where wall space is limited but high ceilings.

  • Extremely quick to assemble and set up
  • Low installation cost
  • High efficiency in compact spaces 

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Zanotti Refrigeration and CRS Cold Storage

CRS Zanotti Refrigeration on 10ft Special Cold Store CRS Zanotti Refrigeration on 40ft Grade A CRS Zanotti Refrigeration on Mini Mobile Cold Store


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