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CRS offers a broad range of industrial refrigeration products and services to the fishing industry. Our temperature controlled storage solutions are designed to keep fish, as fresh and delicious, as they were the day they were caught.

We have a wide selection of cold storage solutions in a range of capacities suitable for storing a large variety of products. With the short lifespan of fish once caught, it is essential for them to be quickly and permanently frozen almost from the time of being caught to the time it is purchased by the consumer.

CRS Ireland offers new and refurbished fish cold storage rooms that are available to rent, lease or purchase. Speak with one of our cold storage experts today and learn about our unbeatable pricing for hire periods.

Cold storage options include:

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CRS Customer Testimonial : Stella Maris

In this video we hear from Aidan Howlin, of Stella Maris Foods.

"Most of our fishing is done in the summer months. We stock a lot of product and needed extra storage. CRS came down within 2-3 days and 3 weeks later we had the units on site. Very happy with the process, I would reccommend CRS 100%, and already have done."

Aidan Howlin

Fish Cold Storage Rooms


fish cold storage room Cold Chiller Room for Fish
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available.
  • Store from -35°C to +35°Cs.
  • No planning permission needed to install.
  • Weatherproof so can be safely placed outside to free up space.
  • Includes man trap and sight and sound alarms.
fish cold storage room Portable Fish Blast Freezers
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available.
  • Come in 10kw, 60kW and 106kW powers.
  • Bring your blast freezing in-house to lower your production overheads.
  • No planning permission needed to install.
  • Preserve the quality and flavour of your freshly caught fish.
fish cold storage roomExtra Wide Fish Cold Storage Room
  • 16-24ft wide cold storage container rooms
  • Extra width gives fast and efficient stock turnaround
  • No planning permission needed for installation
  • Ideal for large capacity storage needs
  • Fully waterproof for safe outside placement


Blast Freezing for Fisheries

Our selection of fish cold storage rooms and fish blast freezers have a broad range of capacities and can store a large variety of products.

Fish have a short lifespan once caught, and so it is essential for them to be quickly frozen as close as possible to the time of being caught to preserve the fish for purchase by the consumer.

Many North Atlantic species such as haddock and cod can be stored for only a couple of weeks on ice before becoming inedible very rapidly. To prolong stock life and reduce waste the use of our highly efficient industrial fish cold storage can be very important.

Fish cold rooms and our fast freezing products such as our 60kw Fish Blast Freezer can freeze an enormous amount of fresh fish in a very short time. This, highly effective method of freezing, preserves freshness and increases product shelf life.

The Mega 40 Cold Storage Units, is one of the larger fish cold storage units we offer. As with all our units, we offer complete customisation as required to make your storage as efficient as possible. Whether your goal is to optimise space, or to ensure the units environmental impact is kept to a minimum, our team of cold storage experts can advise on the appropriate modifications to meet your need.

All CRS Cold Storage Units are fully weatherproof, not only, protecting your stock from the elements but also ideal for use outside, freeing up internal space. Our units are also designed to resist the effects of rusting. So, when leaving your unit outside, you can be safe in the knowledge that the exterior of the container will not deteriorate over time. However, we do recommend that you keep your unit in good general condition, promoting cleanliness and proper health and safety precautions.

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Ilen Seafoods

Ilen Seafoods

Ilen Seafoods needed a seasonal solution to blast freezing, CRS provided flexible hire terms to ensure costs are controlled and product quality is maintained.

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Cold Chiller Room for Fish

Many businesses within the service industry will need an onsite solution for efficient defrosting and chilling and fish, upon delivery. Here at CRS, we can specify a Cold Chiller Room for Fish, to meet your requirement. Whether it's storage for resale or a chiller solution for a restaurant, give CRS a call today, and one of our cold storage experts will be able to advise on the best configuration for your need.

All our container cold stores are delivered and commissioned on site by crane, allowing them to be easily loaded and unloaded with no damage to the products contained inside; essential to the fishing industry with its constant movement of product along the fishing line.

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Fish Cold Chain

We also offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions including remote temperature monitoring technology that can include tracking, recording and reporting capabilities as required by your company. Our range of monitoring solutions allows your business to manage its operational resources so you can monitor your transport fleet and in-house cold storage facility with ease.

Give our cold storage experts a call today on 1890 929 824 to see how we can help with your fish cold storage.