Custom Built Cold Storage Solutions

At CRS, we have a high-level of experience designing and installing cold refrigeration solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our cold storage expert team can help you design the refrigeration solution that best works for your business. From the very beginning, until the equipment is installed, we’ll help you define all the features needed to improve the efficiency of your business.

Custom Built Cold Storage


From the design to the start-up and service, our cold refrigeration experts will help you choose the right features for your build refrigeration solution. At CRS, we have experience providing cold storage solutions for a wide range of important sectors and understand the different requirements and regulations of each.

Our refrigeration solutions can easily adapt to your product’s requirements to help you meet the safety standards reliably. CRS cold storage units can be built and adjusted to operate successfully for different industries: bakery, catering, dairy, fish, commercial, fruit & vegetable, meat, pharmaceutical or retail.

Our experienced cold refrigeration consultants can help you shape your project. Get in touch to know more about our Custom Build Refrigeration Solutions.


We address each project individually. Our range of cold stores solutions can be adapted to help you meet the challenges of your industry reliably and efficiently.

There are numerous variations that can be implemented on our commercial refrigeration units from additional doors, lighting, insulated flooring to bespoke sizing or multiple chambers.

Our bespoke services apply to any of our commercial refrigeration units. From refrigerated containers to fast-acting blast freezers, we can help you design and install the right solution for your business.

Built to last

We are committed to providing the best quality in both our equipment and our service. Our cold storage equipment is tested regularly to provide the highest quality. We work with some of the world’s leading cold storage manufacturers – Zanotti and Rmoni to provide our clients with the most state-of-the-art solution.

At CRS, we operate a 24-hour emergency call-out service to help our clients in the unlikely event of a machine breakdown.

If you are interested in knowing more about how CRS can help your business with a bespoke cold storage solution, give us a call on 1890 929 824.