Ultra-Low Blast Freezer

Ultra Low Temperature Blast Freezer

The Ultra Low Temperature Blast Freezer from CRS is designed to transport, maintain safely and conveniently all cargo which is best sustained at ultra-low temperatures. Thermo King SuperFreezer refrigerated containers provide the ability to freeze immediately preserving first day product freshness and value through long–haul sea transportation.

The Ultra Low Temperature Blast Freezer offer Ultra Low temperature storage for transportation of goods over a long period. The units boast minimal temperature fluctuation and you can be sure that your cargo is maintained at the optimal temperature through-out it's journey on the cold-chain.

These systems are ideal for high-value cargo, where freshness is the main selling point. Preserve that 'just-caugh' freshness with cargo such as Sashimi-Grade Tuna, Swordfish and Sea Urchins.