Floral Cold Storage

CRS offers a wide range of products that are ideal for the floral industry. Our highly efficient temperature control systems allow your flowers to be kept at their optimum state very cost effectively.

New and refurbished equipment is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods of six months and up: call 1890 929 824 for a free, no obligation quote.

All our solutions are delivered to your site directly so you don't need to worry about additional warehousing and transport costs.

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Flower & Plant Chillers


Mini Mobile Cold Store Mini Mobile Cold Stores
  • Temperature range -35°C – +35°C
  • Great for local flower shops or mobile sales facilities
  • Tailgate ramp for easy loading and unloading
  • Car trailer and ground site options available as required
Mobile Refrigerated Containers Refrigerated Container Cold Stores
  • 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes available
  • Store at -35°C – +35°Cs
  • No planning permission needed to install
  • Can be placed outside to free up space
  • Premium features include man trap and sight and sound alarms
60 Pallet Mega Cold Store Extra Wide Cold Storage Containers
  • 16-24ft wide cold storage container rooms
  • Extra width gives fast and efficient stock turnaround
  • No planning permission needed for installation
  • Great for large capacity storage needs
  • Fully waterproof for safe outside placement

CRS make every effort to ensure our products have specific design features available to ensure that your delicate and fragile stocks continue looking just as attractive as they did the day they were picked for as long as possible to minimise your losses.

Research has shown that plants and flowers stored at 5°C will deteriorate three times faster than those stored at 1°C. This shows the massive importance of maintaining the correct storage temperature within the floral industry.

We have developed a wide range of product features here at CRS to ensure the successful maintainance of your precious, fragile and relatively seasonal products. Some of these features are:

Shelving units can be installed on request to any of our solutions to make sure that your products are protected from damage due to crushing or poor layout in storage.

An adjustable temperature system that can be altered from 35°C all the way down to an arctic -35°C. This scope is useful for thawing certain products as well as giving you the assurance that your units can cope with any temperatures needed.

Our products are specifically designed to ensure that once a temperature is set it will not alter. To ensure this, we also offer a monitoring system that will track the air temperature at different areas of the containers. This gives you the security in knowing that your flowers are always at that ideal temperature of 1°C.

We also offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions including temperature monitoring technology that can include tracking, recoding and reporting capabilities as required by your company. Our range of temperature monitoring solutions allow your company to manage its operational resources, to make it more economical and allowing you to monitor your transport fleet and in-house cold storage facility with ease.

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