Carambola Kidz

Carambola Kidz contacted CRS to help ensure quality food is provided to the children of Ireland, find out how our HACCP compliant monitoring solution helped.

Project Brief 

Carambola Kidz have been providing healthy lunches to children since 2003. With the iconic Cara and Bola characters touring schools and a web cartoon for kids, they are a recognisable brand across Ireland and in 2012 celebrated 10 million lunches made.

CRS were tasked with finding an appropriate solution to HACCP compliance and temperature alerting systems to guarantee product quality and prevent stock spoilage or waste.

Carambola Kidz have worked with CRS on a number of projects since 2012.



A key area when supplying food in any situation is HACCP compliance and the integration of a food safety management system being put in place.  Carambola Kidz were keen to improve their HACCP compliance with an automated monitoring system and reporting solution.



To solve the key issue that Carambola Kidz posed to us, CRS installed a Rmoni Sensor2Web Environment monitoring solution in the Carambola Kidz production facility. This setup includes a number of temperature probes to monitor both fridges and freezers, these are configured to alert quality control and production staff of any potential problems before they happen.

The system will also record temperature readings at the desired intervals, automatically. These can then be used for any inspections or in case of any complaints about quality to show that all produce has been stored in the appropriate manner.



In order for Carambola Kidz to become HACCP Compliant, we have to ensure that all products used in the lunches in our production facility are kept at very specific temperatures and monitored very accurately.

In 2012 CRS provided us with a Rmoni Temperature Monitoring Kit.  The kit was very easy to install and ensures that the temperatures are monitored at all times.  We can access this system remotely and there is an alarm system which alerts us to any changes, no matter how small.

Installing this sytem has ensured that the safety of product is maintained at all times and this has given us peace of mind.

We would highly recommend CRS equipment as safe, clean, efficient and HACCP compliant, to anyone in the food industry.


Shona O’Brien

Food Safety Manager

Carambola Kidz


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