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Preserving History: Conservation Letterfrack and The CRS Group Join Forces for an Exciting Preservation Initiative

Conservation Letterfrack is a company that specialises in preserving and restoring valuable furniture, objects, and historical artefacts.

In recent years, they have partnered with The CRS Group to develop an innovative preservation technique. Central to this method is the utilisation of cold storage to safeguard the longevity of wooden artefacts and various historical items.

Conservation Letterfrack: Center of Conservation Excellence

Conservation Letterfrack was established to offer expert services in conservation and restoration, with a team comprising talented conservator-restorers, craftspeople, and specialists. They possess extensive knowledge in working with various materials, placing emphasis on wooden artefacts. The company is renowned for its dedication to safeguarding cultural heritage and upholding the authenticity of historical items.

The Innovative Preservation Procedure

The collaborative project involved using a 40ft Grade C cold storage unit provided by The CRS Group. Our unit can quickly reach a temperature of -29°C, effectively eliminating adult insects and their eggs and preventing potential infestations of historic materials. The rapid temperature drop achieved within four to six hours is a crucial part of the preservation process.

To prevent damage from ice build-up or condensation, artefacts undergo a meticulous sealing process, being placed in plastic using re-sealable plastic bags or polyethene plastic designed to withstand low temperatures. This careful approach ensures the preservation of artefacts during the freezing process.

Usually, infestations are treated at low temperatures for a minimum of 72 hours. However, some conservators prefer longer durations, sometimes up to a week, particularly for wooden objects. In most cases, a single extended treatment at sufficiently low temperatures is effective, eliminating the necessity for multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

The CRS unit successfully maintained the
necessary low temperature for a week.

The Role of The CRS Group

The CRS Group, a key partner in this preservation endeavour, is thrilled to contribute its expertise and cold storage technology to such a significant project. Our 40ft cold storage unit played an essential role in creating optimal conditions for the week-long preservation process. The excitement within The CRS Group about participating was further heightened by the presence of the 'Great Irish Interiors' film crew on-site!

The CRS Group is delighted to be a major contributor to this preservation initiative, offering its expertise and innovative cold storage technology. Our 40ft cold storage unit was crucial in maintaining the ideal conditions for the week-long preservation process. The presence of the 'Great Irish Interiors' film crew on-site further added to the excitement within The CRS Group about being involved in this significant project!

Lights, Camera, Preservation!

The Conservation Letterfrack project, documented by the renowned 'Great Irish Interiors' and Moondance Productions, has been carefully captured, showcasing the innovative preservation work. This collaboration between conservation experts and The CRS Group not only highlights the technical aspects of preservation but also emphasises the fusion of modern technology with cultural heritage conservation.

Our team was thrilled to be involved in this unique opportunity to contribute to preserving history and having the film crew on-site has added an extra level of excitement!


The partnership between Conservation Letterfrack and The CRS Group is an exciting mixture of age-old conservation methods and cutting-edge cold storage technology. Preserving wooden artefacts and historical items is more than just a technical task; it's a thrilling adventure that combines skill, creativity, and a mutual dedication to protecting our valuable cultural heritage!

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