Cavistons Food Emporium

Cavistons Food Emporium - Cold Rooms & Temperature Monitoring

Project Brief 

Cavistons Food Emporium is one of Irelands premier sources of a wide selection of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and much more. Cavistons needed additional chill and frozen cold rooms for a new processing area.

CRS provide Cavistons Food Emporium with all of their cold storage equipment and environment monitoring all year round including seasonal needs around Christmas and Easter.



Cavistons have a broad spectrum of products ranging from chilled meat and dairy to smoked salmon and much more. Any temperature control solution would need to be versatile enough to suit each of these products. It is also important that there is flexibility in the availability of additional storage for seasonal needs.

As with all food companies, HACCP compliance is vital as is appropriate record keeping should there be any health organisation inspections.  However, this was needed as a wireless solution.


In order to meet the versatility needs of Cavistons Food Emporium, CRS provided two new chill cold rooms for chilled goods to be stored at a safe temperature and a frozen cold room for goods that require frozen storage.  These were installed both within the shop front and the production and processing areas throughout the premesis.

In order to ensure HACCP compliance and to be able to provide on demand reports for any health organisation inspections, CRS also installed Rmoni Sensor2Web hardware throughout. This was installed as a GPRS system and covers all temperature controlled areas of the business without any additional cabling. These are configured to alert should any acceptable temperature requirements breach their configured threshold. In the event of a breach, Cavistons quality controller will be alerted in order to take preventative action. 


Here is what Cavistons Food Emporium have had to say about working with CRS.

"CRS provide us with all of our cold storage equipment, temperature monitoring system and freezers on an ongoing basis and provide service for all equipment in our shop in Glasthule.  We also hire external cold storage units from them providing us with extra sea

Two years ago CRS built us two new chill cold rooms and a freezer cold room with Zanotti refrigeration equipment for our new processing area.

In addition to this they installed the Rmoni monitoring and alarm system to monitor the fridges, freezers and cold rooms in our shop and processing area.  This temperature monitoring system gives us peace of mind as it will alert us to potential problems and it also cuts down on paperwork and provides a record for the EHO.

We are more than happy with the service and equipment provided by CRS Cold Storage and in particular by our contact Patrick Tyrell. We would recommend them to any potential customer"

James Carbin


Cavistons Food Emporium

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