CRS Provide Cold Store with German Discount Retailer

A leading German discount retailer needed their nationwide supply chain solution revised.

Project Brief

A leading German discount grocery store which operates in Ireland approached CRS as they needed a large volume of pre frozen eutectic plates in order to safely transport refrigerated goods to their stores nationwide.



Prior to consultation with CRS, the German retailer were using refrigerated trucks to freeze the plates but the running costs were proving very expensive as they took a long time to freeze the plates to the correct temperatures.  The trucks being used by the company were set at -25ÕC and some were struggling to reach those temperatures.

The leading discount German store also needed to have the Blast Freezers easily accessible from the warehouse to avoid staff having to go outside.



Following the consultation process CRS conducted a site survey and submitted detailed line drawings.

CRS provided them with a Mini Blast Freezer capable of -35ÕC and also installed Rmoni cloud based temperature monitoring system to ensure the temperature remained constant.

CRS also obtained the details of the TKT Eutectic Plates they were originally freezing and put them into thier Load Calculation Software to enable CRS to calculate loading times.

CRS made the necessary adjustments to the main distribution building in order to connect the unit to the loading bay using steel stands.



The entire installation process went very smoothly and without any issues.  The newly installed Mini Blast Freezers set to -35ÕC have dramatically improved the freezing times thus increasing efficiency.

The company no longer have a bottleneck system around the distribution of the shipper boxes because the Mini Blast will freeze and maintain the Eutectic plates at the correct temperatures making the whole process more time efficient.

The CRS solution is costing them less to rent than the truck they were using.  It’s also cheaper to run and is freezing the plates down faster. 

Published by: CRS Cold Storage