Brewery Controlled Room Temperature

Station Works Brewery approached CRS in need of a Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) solution, to store their beer at a constant temperature during the ageing process.

Station Works is owned by Alltech, a producer of award winning spirits and beets. Their premises in County Down, contributes to the production of 15,000 hectolitres (one hundred litres) of product per year.

Using only the finest malted barley, hops & water Station Works Brewery hand crafted a legendary Irish Pilsner Lager. It's bright golden body and a refreshing citrus aftertaste being praised within the industry.

Station Work needs to storage their barreled beer at a constant 5C, this would ensure the ageing process and produce a beer of the highest qualtiy. Their current cold storage solution did not offer this type of controlled, so Station Works approach CRS IE for a solution.

Station Works required an immediate solution to meet the demands of the expansion plans for the year ahead. CRS were able to provide a system to meet Station Works requirements of Controlled Room Temperature and have the units delivered and installed within the short time frame.


Temperature Controlled Storage


Station Works Operations Manager, John O’Brien was asked what he particularly liked about CRS he went on to say...

I found CRS Cold Storage punctual and very informative “.

He then continued to state…

"When I explained the issue we were facing, they were able to immediately advise on exactly how to solve it, without breaking the bank. An important part of this venture with CRS Cold Storage was lead-time. CRS Cold Storage fitted one solution for us to begin with, to lessen lead-time and then installed the second phase at a later date, allowing our production to continue uninterrupted.”

John was impressed that CRS took his concerns and his business requirements into consideration. With all our projects, our aim is to work with the client to ensure that they are happy and their business needs are met, if not exceeded. As the requirement for Station Works was relient on specific and tailored cold storage, CRS kept comminucation fluid with Mr O'Brien and ensured that everything had been taken into consideration.


Controlled Room Temperature


Mr O'Brien stated that

“I found CRS Cold Storage to be very efficient. They provided a great quality product and delivered what they said they would and more importantly when they said they would. We are delighted with the solution CRS Cold Storage provided us with and would and have no hesitation in recommending CRS Cold Storage to colleagues in the brewing industry”.

Station Works Brewery

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