Fenelon’s Butchers

In 2010, on the recommendation of Leamore Haulage Company, Cliff Lenehan, owner of Fenelon’s Butchers in Stillorgan approached John Tyrrell of CRS Cold Storage.

Cliif was looking for a 20ft refrigerated container to be situated at the rear of their premises. In particular the location of this container was to be very close to a residential area so noise was a huge concern for Cliff. John arranged a meeting with Cliff and Patrick Tyrrell at CRS headquarters in Kildalkey to discuss the technical requirements for the unit and John and Patrick showed Cliff the various motors available but he eventually chose a Super Silent Cold Store unit which the CRS installation team delivered and fitted within two weeks.

With the Super Silent cold store  fitted the residents in the surrounding areas have no issue with noise.

20ft Refrigerated Container

Approximately one year later a small stand up freezer in the back of the premises in Stillorgan broke down forcing Cliff to think about their requirements again and he decided that he needed more cold storage and freezer space for his stock. He approached the centre about getting more space for extra cold storage and because this was not an option, he again sought the expertise of John Tyrrell from CRS.

CRS suggested that they consider building  above the existing coldstore and so converting it to a double decker, thus doubling the space.  Subsequently, John visited the Stillorgan premises, measured up and the design team drew up a visualisation of the unit.

CRS customised a unit to suit the specific requirements of Fenelons Butchers. They needed half of the upper unit to be frozen space and the other half a clean environment for ambient goods, for example storage for carry bags & packaging. They also customised shelving for both the freezer and dry goods area.

Fenelons Butchers

CRS tailored everything to suit Fenelons business and installed a metal staircase for easy access and a ramp so that all goods can now be delivered directly into the unit, ensuring less temperature loss during delivery.  They supplied all the brackets and secured the unit to ensure it was level.

Having this unit installed has made a substantial impact on the business and has increased efficiency significantly.

It has given Fenelons more buying power and of course having the increased storage and freezing capacity has meant that they can order more product meaning less frequency of deliveries and less paperwork making time management much more efficient. 

The added storage has also freed up a huge amount of space in the shop which has created more valuable product display space. 

Cliff Lenehen has been delighted in all his dealings with CRS and has found them very flexible and extremely knowledgeable in the area of meat storage and preparation.

All CRS products meet health & safety standards and are HACCUP compliant which always means peace of mind when it comes to a food business.

Although price was a factor in Cliff Lenehens decision to choose CRS, reliability, service and quality was key and that’s what he went for in the end. If he had thought he had not received good value for money when he made his first purchase he would not have considered them again.

Fenelons Butchers are purveyors of the finest award winning meats with the highest standards of display and Cliff Lenehen feels that this requires only the best refrigeration and that’s why he chose CRS Mobile Cold Storage.

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