Grannys Pies & Cakes

Grannys Pies needed to blast freeze pies in Perth, Australia. After considering all the options, it was decided that a CRS ISO Blast Freezer was needed.

Project Brief

Grannys Pies & Cakes has been producing pies since the ’70s and was famous for the home-baked oval-shaped pie as well as their range of savoury’s cakes and unique flavours. Since then, Grannys has continued to grow and supplies some of the largest caterers, lunch-bars, cafes and convenience stores around Perth.


A key concern for the project with Grannys Pies & Cakes was the labour intensity of other blast freezing solutions. Managing Director Alec Webber stated to CRS an eagerness for the production team to be able to “freeze without having employees involved in running the process”.

This combined with the logistics of transporting a high volume, high capacity blast freezer from the manufacturing facility in County Meath was taken into consideration before finding the correct solution.


To meet the requirements and solve the key issues raised by Grannys being the removal of labour from the freezing process led to the inclusion of a forced airflow container blast freezing solution. This would ensure that the production team would be able to push racks of prepared pies into the freezer, set the freezing cycle and return to it a few hours later with the finished product.

The solution provided is also designed to run as a standard storage freezer, which provides Grannys with additional flexibility for their storage requirements.

In order to overcome the logistics of transporting a high volume, high capacity blast freezer from our production facility in Ireland through to Perth Australia, the blast freezer was built inside a standard 40ft ISO Shipping container.


See below the feedback from Grannys Pies

“I would have no hesitation in recommending CRS container blast freezers to anyone interested in blast freezing food type products.

The advantage of having a container type blast freezer vs. a spiral type system is that the labour input is minimal and you can freeze without having employees involved in running the process.

We can simply push racks of products into the freezer, turn it on and forget about it for several hours, once the product is frozen we then pull the racks and pack, palletise and store. The option of running the blast unit as a normal storage freezer is another advantage and works in well with our production scheduling.

We have now had the blast freezer in operation for 3 months and have found the unit to be efficient, reliable and user friendly. Our product has improved and our production capabilities significantly enhanced by having blast freezing capabilities.”

Alec Webber, Managing Director, Grannys Pies, Perth Australia

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