Temperature testing facility for Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard, an American multinational information technology company were looking to expand their testing capabilities in the R&D department at their plant in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

For this, they needed to modify storage chambers to be used as an environmental controlled climatic chamber for stress and environmental testing.

They were looking for stability chambers whereby temperature and humidity could change every two hours.

Temperature is a critical part of their testing. They wanted to test the longevity of various products including; printers, cartridges, inks and standard production materials.

They were trying to determine the best possible solution that would be both practical and cost effective. They started by doing a lot of searching online. They have over sixty different ovens provided to them by two main suppliers. When they approached these suppliers for their new venture, they were advised that they must purchase the solutions outright and that it would take quite a long lead-time for the solutions to be delivered. This was not feasible for HP so they decided to call CRS Cold Storage.


The Solution

CRS Cold Storage delivered on what HP were looking for. HP then had a more extensive and elaborate project that they needed assistance on executing. The called CRS Cold Storage again to see if it would be something that was within their remit. CRS Cold Storage reassured HP that they would in fact be able to assist with this venture too and begin talks on implementing 2x 40ft temperature and humidity solutions.

Mark Murphy, Operations and Planning at HP, when asked what he particularly liked about CRS Cold Storage, replied,

“First of all, they are local and at a drop of a hat we were able to make contact. We would be in contact on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I found them very helpful- absolutely was noting too much for them. They gave me confidence that they could deliver on the job- which helped when selling to management here at HP. I brought them into meet senior management ahead of our decision and they were able to answer any questions we had.”

Mark went on to describe what he particular found helpful with the project

“It was great to be able to remotely login to the solutions. Getting live updates on temperature and humidity was reassuring and the online platform which allowed me to do this was great. I also liked the fact I got a live report of the previous 24 hours delivered to me each morning via email detailing the temperature and humidity for the previous day.”

An engineering and technical challenge that faced this project was the fact that the temperature was changing too fast. This was assessed and CRS Cold Storage worked with HP to meet the technical specifications required.

Like with any business, costs where a major factor in the proposed solution to their need. Mark Murphy explained how

“being able to spread the cost of these solutions was what got this project over the line. From doing research with other companies, the solutions would have cost in access of 250k where with CRS Cold Storage, renting the products helped with being able to spread the cost over a number of year budgets."

If you have a project whereby you need a specialist temperate controlled solution, for any length of time, why not call CRS Cold Storage today?

Published by: CRS Cold Storage