Ilen Seafoods

Ilen Seafoods needed a seasonal solution to blast freezing, CRS provided flexible hire terms to ensure costs are controlled and product quality is maintained

Project Brief 

Ilen Seafoods are fish wholesalers in Baltimore, Co. Cork and producers of Irish Mackerel during the November to April season.

Ilen Seafoods contacted CRS to provide a blast freezing solution to freeze 10,000 mackerel in 24 hours or less with an in house solution.



The key challenge to overcome was to find a solution that matches the seasonal nature Mackerel fishing. With the season being only 6 months long, the need of a flexible solution that would be usable by Ilen Seafood on site as opposed to external blast freezing to improve quality and reduce wasted products.



The two major challenges were blast freezing capacity and flexibility of cost, each of which needing to be considered in the context of the other.

In order to match the blast freezing requirements of 10,000 mackerel in a 24 hour period, CRS provided Ilen Seafoods with our ISO Blast freezer, capable of freezing at a power of 60kW and taking up to 10,000kg of fresh fish to frozen in 24 hours.

To ensure that Ilen Seafoods aren’t paying for a product all year around that is only required for 6 months of the year, CRS provide the blast freezer on an annual basis for a 6 month rental period.



Here is what Ilen Seafoods had to say about dealing with CRS:

I have a great business relationship with CRS for a number of years now and they provide me with a blast freezer for my seasonal mackerel catch annually.

I rent a blast freezer from them every year from November to April which is the mackerel season off the south coast of Ireland. The blast freezer will freeze 10,000 in 24 hours meaning little or no waste and a perfect result.

The flexibility of this option allows me to rent for only the six months of the year when I need it which makes a huge difference to my yearly budget.

This option works really well for Ilen Seafoods as it allows us to control the quality of our product in-house rather than outsourcing the freezing which could be miles away.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the CRS products and in particular the CRS team who will provide a solution no matter what the problem.

Yours faithfully

Dermot Sheehy

Managing Director

Ilen Seafoods



Co Cork


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