Manor Farm

When quality and reliability is what you are looking for, CRS can provide extended warranties that won't break the bank. Manor Farm got 5 years on their Mega cold store.

Project Brief 

Manor Farm has been producing and supplying chicken and chicken products to Ireland and abroad dating back to 1775. Producing up to 600,000 birds a week, temperature controlled storage is of utmost importance to continuing success and growth. 

Carton Bros (which Manor Farm is the chicken brand for) contacted CRS requiring the need for a large external cold store with pallet picking access.



The main concern for Carton Bros that CRS Mobile Cold Storage team was face with overcoming was the long-term reliability of the new cold store, regardless of the most appropriate solution.

With a substantial investment in the cold storage capacity at the facility in Cavan, these concerns are to be expected.



To service the main purpose of the new cold storage facility on site, CRS provided a Double Mega 40 which has a maximum capacity of 39 pallets but the versatility to store up to 27 pallets for box picking.

In order to meet the concerns of Carton Bros Quality Assurance requirements, CRS provided two brand new Thermoking Magnum Plus refrigeration units and provided an extended 5-year warranty on the compressor for both units. This provided Carton Bros with two energy efficient, power saving units also providing contingency in case of emergency.



See below the feedback from Carton Bros

“We contacted CRS earlier this year and explained that we needed a large external cold store big enough to facilitate having pallets of ingredients internally around the outer walls with a centre aisle for easy access and cherry picking of ingredients.

A member of the CRS Sales team visited our premises for the initial consultation and provided us with spec drawings of the suggested units.

We ended purchasing two brand new Thermoking Magnum Plus units in the end with a 5 year warranty, providing us with energy efficient, power saving machines. 

The fact that we have two machines also gives us contingency plans should one fail although, given their reputation, we don’t expect that to happen.

We were very happy with how the process went and we feel that it has been a very successful project and very professionally managed.

We would be happy to recommend CRS Cold Storage.”


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