Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk Contacted the CRS Group looking for a super mega cold storage room 2-8°C, equal to 340 ft. containers combined together.

They needed to be in operation on site in Denmark within two months of contacting. The CRS Group as they had planned a major shut down of their internal cold-room due to a necessary complete overhaul of the cooling plant.

The main Focus was on the temperature profile in the store (2-8° C), due to the fact that they use the store for high-value products, for a minimum period of 6 months.

Novo Nordisk visited Ireland along with their colleague from the QA department to confirm requirements.

Their local container cold storage suppliers in Denmark did not have the necessary expertise in the pharmaceutical industry thus leading to Novo Nordisk contacting The CRS Group.

The factory is very close to a residential area so CRS supplied and fitted some noise attenuation to the Thermoking units to drop the decibel levels below the maximum allowable level for the site.

Novo Nordisk

Connected to the existing building at loading bay height so fabrication of steel framework required.  CRS sent over their installation team who looked after the complete installation and removal of the mega cold stores.

CRS contracted a local Thermoking service centre to carry out routine preventative maintenance as well as offering emergency service calls if are ever needed.

Novo NordiskNovo Nordisk

The CRS Mega cold store was put through a qualification process by Novo Nordisk and their Temperature Mapping studies showed that the temperature within all product storage areas was maintained within the required 2-8°C, even during the hot Summer months in Denmark.

The whole project was a great success, the CRS cold stores were delivered and installed on time and within budget.

Published by: CRS Cold Storage