Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms or Walk-In Fridges are extensively used within the commercial refrigeration sector and are one of the most effective solutions for holding a vast amount of refrigerated goods.

Perfect for business with a high turn-over of stock that requires a large storage capacity. A Cold Room from CRS can ensure ample storage space to meet all demands with the added benefit of improved efficiency in operation and running costs.

Cold Rooms


Combine your current cold storage and reduce your overheads by investing in a Cold Room from CRS Mobile Cold Storage.

If space isn't an issue then opting for a Walk-In Fridge could provide huge savings and improved efficiency, when compared to upright or counter fridges. Better still our units are available for purchase, lease or hire with no minimum contract and payment plans to suit every business.

Designed to Specification

At CRS, our Cold Rooms are designed to specification, and once installed, provide great potential for improved usability and enhanced stock rotation.

Bespoke Cold Room

Our Cold Rooms offer complete reliability with a plethora of options including Dual Back-up, Temperature Monitoring Systems and Controlled Room Temperature, all of which, are available on request.

Our Cold Rooms can also be used in a modular fashion and placed alongside each other creating large Walk-In Fridge with access between the individual rooms. The flexibility offered by these highly efficient Cold Room's is incredible. While we offer a wide range of standard sizes and features, we take pride in producing bespoke Cold Stores where the requirement calls for something a little less ordinary. Our design team are adept a creating Cold Rooms that exceeded our client's expectations and performance needs.

Cold Rooms

Highest Standards

All our Cold Room are designed to exceed the latest standards and regulation of the refrigeration industry and can be built to adhere to HACCP where applicable. CRS offers a wide range of sizes and capacities, and we will ensure that the specific needs of our clients are met every time. CRS offers the highest quality products and over the years have developed strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure the very best components are used in our cold storage solutions.

Our Cold Rooms are available as supply only or with full installation, commissioning and on-site training from our Service Team. On-going we provide maintenance plans offering routine checks and a 24hr emergency call out service as standard.

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