Maire Griffin launched OrganiGo in late 2020 when she saw a gap in the market to create a range of freshly prepared and ready to eat organic vegetables produced in County Limerick.OrganiGo Logo

The products are prepared by Maire and her team at her purpose-built food production facility in Abbeyfeale. It is there that Maire has made use of a Grade A Refrigerated unit to store her product range.

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Raised just outside Ballybunion on her family’s dairy farm, Maire always had an interest in organic food and graduated from the University of Limerick with a BCs degree in Food Science and Health as well as undertaking a Masters in Food Law. She decided to set up OrganiGo after she noticed a gap in the Irish market for ‘easy to go’ vegetable snacks.

OrganiGos range of vegetable noodles are available in health food shops and several Supervalu stores in Munster, and Maire and her team are eager to continue expanding across Ireland. Passionate about the environment, the packaging to her product range is fully biodegradable. We got the opportunity to interview Maire and she shares with us her inspiration behind the business, her product range as well as her plans for the future.

You can check out the OrganiGo's website here

Maire Griffin - OrganiGo

In Conversation

CRS - Maire, all of us here at CRS want to say a massive congratulations on OrganiGo’s Nationwide segment a few weeks ago, no doubt it was an extremely proud moment as an Irish business owner.

Q. How did your idea for OrganiGo first come about?

A. I worked in a similar business in the UK as Operations and Technical Manager and I loved it but I missed home, so when I identified a gap in the market for something similar here I decided to go for it. I also wanted to live near Ballybunion and that was one of my main reasons for staying close to home. I’m passionate about the environment, change and the future and organic farming have a big part to play in our children’s future. I don’t want our generation to be remembered for brushing the dirt under the carpet (aka landfills).

Q. What do you love the most about owning your own company?

A. I love the flexibility, I work when it suits me (sometimes this is early in the morning/ late at night /on weekends) but then I’m off when it suits me, I can take a few hours off in the middle of the day and go for a walk or visit my parents when the sun is shining. This doesn’t always happen, but at least I know I have the choice when somethings not done, doesn't suit me or late it’s because I made a choice to either do something for me/family which is the most important and the reason why I’m here. I’m accountable for my decisions and I get to value my time, so if I work when it’s dark outside that’s okay as I’ll make the most of it when it’s bright.

Q. Tell us all about your product range.

A. Currently we have courgette noodles, beetroot noodles and butternut squash noodles stocked in Kerry and Limerick. We are hoping to add to our range in April with more exciting and innovative organic products.

Q. We have no doubt that OrganiGo has a very exciting future ahead. Do you have any new products coming down the pipeline?

A. Absolutely. I’ve loads of ideas, the areas I worked in previously was continuous improvement and development so we were always trying to create, keep up with trends and improve products /processes. I love change and improving things; it’s the only way forward in business if we are continually learning.

Q. How have you found your overall experience with CRS? Do you feel we have helped OrganiGo in any way?

A. Brilliant. It was great to get the fridge on rent as it helps us manage cash flow and as the future is a little uncertain, we have the ability to be able to scale up easily enough with minimum risk and investment. This is crucial to setting up a small start-up and when planning and negotiating with retailers.


Monday 8th March 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage