The Benefits of 10ft Cold Store

A 10ft Cold Store can be fantastic investment for any industry that requires storing products or temperature sensitive goods at low or sub-zero temperatures.

Investing in a Cold Store for your business premises can increase stock efficiency, offer extended capacity for existing storage and also optimise sales over busy periods.

Our 10ft Cold Store is extremely flexible, it can be adapted to suit the needs of any industry. Whether you are looking for a solution for short-term expansion to existing Cold storage or a long-term investment for ongoing product storage and stock rotation, then choosing a Cold Store from CRS Cold Storage is a fantastic choice.

Whilst our 10ft Cold Store offers many benefits, here are three of the most popular selling points to this fantastic product.


A Cold Store can be an ideal solution for any company dealing in the storage of temperature sensitive products. Our 10ft Cold Store is a compact and adaptable storage investment that can be easily installed within your premise.

If you are looking to increase your exisiting storage capacity, the CRS 10ft Cold Store will allow you to maximise the potential of the space you have available.

Our 10ft Cold Store is easily transported and can be placed to suit the needs and requirements of your business, providing complete flexibility all year-round.

Investment in Cold Store or Refrigerated Container can ease the stress of adapting to changes in market demand. Cold storage can provide space for companies looking to increase their stock holding. Compact Cold storage solutions like the 10ft Cold Store are perfect for caterers, restaurant and retailers when introducing new menu’s or adapting your product offering to meet seasonal demands.

In addition, to its small footprint, the 10ft Cold Store can be installed externally or internally. All our cold stores are completely weather-proof allowing businesses to move their storage outside, freeing up valuable internal space.


 Effcient Cold Storage


Cold storage can be a highly efficient way of chilling products to ensure that quality is maintained. Whether you work within the retail, dairy, meat or catering industry, a Cold Store can be used to store a whole range of products and also offer a whole host of further benefits.

Cold Store temperatures can be easily adapted to suit the product being stored. The regulated temperatures provide the best conditions for products and produce to be stored, extending shelf-life and minimising waste.

Temperature Control additionally allows close monitoring of products to prevent them from deteriorating. Further helping to minimise waste, a highly cost effective solution for industries storing fresh produce.  


 Portable Cold Store


Our 10ft Cold Stores provide a safe and stable environment for your products, so you can rest assured that your products are kept within required condition to promote quality. Our 10ft Cold Stores are generally easy to transport and move in comparrision to larger units. This allows you to optimise your Cold Stores location to improve it's use, or alternatively transport the unit to events and others sites as required.

Another key benefit to our 10ft Cold Stores is the ability to relocate storage to meet demand of expansion. You can also maximise space available on smaller sites by investing in multiple units. Creating the capacity of a larger unit but spread accross indivual Cold Stores.

Our 10ft Cold can easily be adapted to any premises whether it is situated inside or out of your premises. Speak to one of the team today to discuss the best configuration for your site.

Combined with the cost-effective, increase in productivity and efficiency of investing in a 10ft Cold Store, many industries can adapt product storage to help improve their business profits. As Cold Stores can be temperature controlled and suited to company requirements, they offer endless uses for companies all year round.

If you are interested in custom Cold storage solutions with additional access, tailored sizing etc. Give our Cold storage experts a call on 1890 929 824 now and we will do your best to help.

Thursday 16th November 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage