Cold Storage Delays

The implementation of cold storage into a business’ logistics and operations set-up can significantly assist in the overarching growth of the company. However, businesses need to be aware of the increasingly growing delays and backlogs for brand new storage units, which can impact the swiftness of companies’ rapid growth.

The culmination of Brexit and Covid-19 has led to further delays of over ten weeks for built for purpose, brand new storage units to be delivered to companies. However, there is a readily available solution for companies; CRS Cold Storage has a range of high-quality and readily equipped units to rent.

With reports showing increasingly growing delays affecting already suffering supply chains, more and more businesses are beginning to extend their storage capabilities to meet the growing consumer demand.

COVID-19 has shown that many businesses have been underprepared to meet their customer demand as it is, let alone an influx of new customers due to their competition failing to meet demand or closing down.

Failing to meet consumer demand can lead to you losing brand loyalty from long-lasting customers who will prefer to find alternative companies to supply their products and services.

The Solution?

A suitable solution for mitigating the impact of logistic delays is to invest in high-quality cold storage units which lock in products’ freshness, increasing their longevity for future sale and consumption.

Alongside protecting products and increasing the length of storage, investing in cold storage has a range of operational benefits which outweigh the initial costs. Including:

  • Increasing capacity
  • Adding bespoke features to align with your business
  • Cost-effective packages
  • Different sizes and technical specifications to enhance logistic process

Current Delays

Alongside numerous other industries, companies delivering cold storage are equally facing significant delays in delivering newly built containers from overseas’ manufacturers, some of whom are reporting over 3 months of delays.

The delays in delivering units is directly contributing to the strain that companies are currently facing with companies not able to store larger volumes of products and fail to meet the growing consumer demand.

CRS Cold Storage Rentals

CRS’ rentals are a readily available and sensible option for mitigating the impacts of the current logistics challenges.

With flexible hiring options and a range of varied units available, renting a cold storage solution is a cost-effective and efficient choice compared to purchasing a brand-new build. Our competitive pricing works out that businesses benefit from a lucrative cost/day when they undertake long-term contracts compared to other short-term offers on the market.

Get in touch with CRS today to discuss renting a cold storage solution and our experts will help take control of the current storage crisis.

Friday 3rd December 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage