Cold Store Capacities

Here at CRS, we offer a range of Cold Stores and Refrigerated Containers.

These vary in length from 10ft up to 45ft. However, it doesn't stop there. If more space is required, we will recommend our Mega Cold Storage range, where units can be combined to make one large facility.

Large Cold Stores not only offer increased storage space, but they can also provide improved access for picking and packing, and better stock control and rotation of produce.

In this article, we want to take a look at some of the storage capacities our standard size units offer, looking at pallet storage, access and highlighting the benefits along the way.

10ft Cold Store

10ft Cold Store

Our 10ft Cold Store is perfect for companies seeking a versatile cold storage solution on a smaller scale. Ideal for pubs and restaurants, this unit can act as a primary cold storage solution or overflow storage for excess stock.

This cold store is suitable for installation internally or externally; it is also readily loaded for transport. It's generous barn-style doors allow ample access. Additional accessories, such as ramps can further improve access, allowing the use of a pump truck or forklift.

The unit can house four pallets, which, if stacked correctly can provide up to 8m3 of storage space.

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10ft Cold Store

20ft Cold Store

The 20ft units offer many of the same benefits of our smaller offering however its increase capacity opens it up for use within further industries.

Access is liberal with big double barn-style door giving excellent access to pickers or trolley jacks when installing with a ramp.

Our 20ft Cold Store can house nine pallets, which, if stacked correctly can provide up to 8m3 of storage space.

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10ft Cold Store

40ft Cold Store

Boasting a massive, 19 pallet capacities, the 40ft Cold Stores offer a highly efficient means for storing large volumes of produce at their optimum temperature.

It features a fully weatherproof design that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Ensuring the preservation of valuable stock at optimum temperatures, protected away from the elements.

The internal space offers 8m3 of premium storage space.

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10ft Cold Store

45ft Cold Store

The 45ft Cold Store is the largest in our range and offers a massive, 26 pallet capacities. This unit is perfect for large scale cold storage. You will also benefit from the improved stock rotation and picking due to the size and excellent accessibility of the unit.

Correct storage of produce & pallets will mean a business can benefit from 8m3 of overall storage space.

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10ft Cold Store

Mega Cold Stores

Our Mega Cold Stores are available in 20, 40 and 45ft lengths. They offer a fantastic solution for manufacturers and warehouses, where large-scale, linked cold storage is necessary.

Mega Cold Stores offer total flexibility, and while double and triple units are regularly requested, the only limit to the number of units that can be combined is the area it will occupy.

These units are 16ft wide for efficient stock management and feature two fully independent refrigeration systems per store.

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Cold Store Capacities


Length (external)



Cooling Units

Pallet Capacity

Internal volume

10ft Cold Store




3 to 4


20ft Cold Store




8 to 9


40ft Cold Store




19 to 20


45ft Cold Store




23 to 26


Mega 40 double Cold Store




38 to 40


Mega 40 triple Cold Store




58 to 60


Super Mega 40 Cold Store


Up to 120ft

Up to 15

Up to 300

Up to 1000m3

Download our handy PDF Chart showcasing our Cold Storage Units storage capacities.

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Thursday 7th September 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage