Courtown Seal Rescue Centre

CRS like to help out good causes, especially when they are on our doorstep.

Melanie from Courtown Seal Rescue approached us looking for a cost effective solution for storing fish that was used to feed the rescued seals.

We couldn't see those seals going hungry now, could we. CRS were more than happy to donate, delvier and install a cold storage solution for the rescue centre, so they could quickly and efficiently store deliveries of fish.

"We are so grateful to CRS Cold Storage Ireland for generously donating, delivering and installing a giant, new freezer for us! This beautiful piece of equipment will make our lives much easier by allowing us to safely and easily store our stockpiles of fish for the seals. Thank you for your support and generosity CRS!"

Melanie, Courtown Seal Rescue Centre

Courtown Seal Rescue Centre

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Monday 26th June 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage