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For all industries that sell, install and manufacture cold storage and refrigeration units, it is vital to ensure that our products meet required safety standards.

At CRS we want to ensure that all our products meet health and safety regulations and are safe to use. For all industries that sell, install and manufacture cold storage and refrigeration units, it is vital to ensure that our products meet safety standards legally required.

Our accreditations ensure that we meet our industries and customers expectations and requirements. We are committed to keep products at a high standard and continue to succeed in manufacturing quality products for our clients.   

CRS have been examined and approved by each accreditation council highlighted below. Our accreditations show we have the necessary professionalism and expertise to carry out assessments in specific industry sectors, which provides our clients with more confidence.

Please see below for some of our certifications and what each individual one means.

Good Distribution Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice

Safely storing pharmaceutical products is a must for our clients within the health care industry.

 At CRS our GMP and GDP accreditation ensures that as manufacturers of cold storage, our products are compliant with the European regulations.

Those within the pharmaceutical industry can be assured that CRS cold storage units allow the safe storage of medical products. Additionally, products can be stored with integrity and quality can be maintained to a high-quality standard within our units.

We are committed to delivering value in every aspect of our service and take pride in ensuring we are a dedicated manufacturer within the healthcare supply chain. 

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

HACCP outlines good manufacturing procedures for all food sectors. Having HACCP certification can be key to your business when taking part in international trade. It is applicable for primary producers, manufacturers, processors and food service operators. 

Our accreditation ensures that our cold storage products are designed to prevent, eliminate and reduce hazards that may persist with cold storage units. HACCP certified products guarantee that units are sold at high standard and follow regulations and therefore are safe for our clients to use.



F GAS registration has the primary objective to decrease emissions and harmful gases that are emitted from equipment. As manufactures of products that contain F GAS, having the F GAS certification ensures that we comply with EU regulations.

This means that all products and equipment containing the F GAS are clearly Labelled, and no harmful products are used in their manufacture.

F GAS registration shows that all our cold storage units have been securely checked labelled and manufactured in line with achieving the long-term EU goals to reduce harmful emissions and prevent environmental impact.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Quality management systems standards, ISO 9001, ensure that we meet the needs of our clients, and adhere to statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service.

As a company that delivers to other businesses, complying with the ISO 9001: 2015 highlights that we are committed to providing leading management to our clients when delivering services and manufacturing products.

CRS Quality management system certification verifies our refrigeration units meet the high and value standards required for our clients and their specific industries. 

The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

CHAS (The Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme)

CHAS aims to improve health and safety standards across the UK. Our accreditation shows our clients that we understand the importance of being health and safety compliant.

As contractors, our CHAS ensures that we:

  • Have approval to work for over 1000 clients
  • Keep all your health and safety records in one place​
  • Are committed to safeguarding our client’s reputation
  • ​Comply with important health and safety legislation

Our clients can be assured that our team of experts are up-to-date with current regulations within our sector and our client’s industries. As a team of professionals and dedicated experts, our CHAS accreditation highlights our enthusiasm to ensuring safety procedures and your business reputation.

We aim to uphold all the requirements for these certifications in our everyday work. If you looking for a supplier who cares and strives to achieve the best levels of workmanship and service, then call CRS today. Speak with one of our Cold Storage Experts on 0800 085 2298

Monday 10th September 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage