Features of a Dry Ageing Fridge

Dry Aging can be used to preserve the quality and appearance of meat.

Dry Ageing can be an intricate process that requires very specific humidity and temperatures levels to achieve the best outcome.

For industries that are expecting that are affected by busy periods, maintaining high quality meat can become difficult. Especially as focus turns to expanding product range and meeting surges in demand. 

Investing in Specialist Dry Aging refrigerators can be significantly useful for those in the commercial sector. Some of the benefits include improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Dry Aging refrigerators have features which can ease the process of curing meat. Read more to find out how a Dry Aging fridge can benefit your company.

The important features

As commercial industries are dealing with raw meat products, it is important to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. If procedures are not followed It can lead to dangerous and life threatening bacterial growth.

Ensuring meat is at a high-quality standard for consumers is vital, for business growth and consumer health. A Dry Aging fridge will ensure key concentrate flavour of meat is maintained throughout the long and complex process that it undergoes.

Dry Aging Fridge

Key features of Dry Aging include:

1.     Hygienic atmosphere

Conditional requirements of Dry-aged meat in storage change very little. Hygienic atmosphere of meat is important for perfect texture and maintaining great tasting meat.   Commercial Dry Aging coolers with temperature controls are additionally essential for preventing contamination and texture damage.

Temperature controlled units offer commercial industries a safe and hygienic atmosphere for dry-aged meat on a commercial scale. The benefits of a temperature controlled atmosphere allow you to slow the formation of harmful bacteria, ensuring that meat safe for consumption and well-aged.

Finding the right equipment to age your meat will ensure optimum taste, appearance and texture. Additionally, aged meat will be safe for consumption and meet safety and hygiene standards.

2.     Optimised conditions

Choosing the correct Dry Aging fridge can hugely impact your business. Some Fridges can provide optimum conditions for cured meats, maintaining the quality of meat all year round.

In addition, a suitable and customised temperature can be chosen between the ranges of -40°C to +10°C. This allows temperature to be adapted to suit the type of product stored within the cold storage.

CRS offers electronic temperature monitoring and remote temperature control which enables industries to closely monitor products effectively.

3.     Large storage capacity

During busy periods, having extra storage can be beneficial to your industry. In addition to saving money, it can optimise product storage and allow you to store a wide variety of products.

As aging refrigerators can be stored internally or externally to free up space, finding a suitable place for them is not an issue and they can be used by almost any industry.

Each individual fridge is equipped to deal with large quantities of meat storage. There is plenty of space including further options for meat hooks and storage equipment.

Furthermore, each unit comes with plenty of space to ensure cool air is evenly distributed around the unit, keeping meat at a consistent and even temperature.

Investment in a dry-aging unit can offer your company with fantastic benefits. For further information on our commercial Dry Aging coolers for cured meat storage, contact us online or give us a call on 1890 929 824 or for International enquiries, +353 46943 5000

Monday 15th April 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage