Eutectic Plate Preconditioning

What are Eutectic Plates?

Eutectic Plates are used for keeping food and perishable goods cold during transportation across a wide variety of industries.

Eutectic Plates are essentially more industrial versions of the frozen blocks you use in your cool-bags for a picnic. These commercial versions are available in rigid or flexible from, full of the eutectic gel that, once frozen, can reduce and maintain the temperature of stored goods.

What can Eutectic Plates be used for?

For temperature sensitive products it is essential that the optimum temperature is maintained throughout the cold chain; from leaving warehouse cold storage, throughout transit and until the goods can be successfully stored at the retailers.

European directives as well as the CE/DIN recommend that supplementary cooling be used when goods are transported in insulated containers for over 2 hours. Using Eutectic Plates means you can get up to 24 hours transportation time without your goods being in danger.

Benefits of Eutectic Plates

Key benefits include the fact Eutectic Plates include:

  • Safe for use with food
  • Age an impact resistant
  • If best practices are followed, the plates can be effective for many years

Best practices for freezing Eutectic Plates

Best practices for using and caring for Eutectic Plates can help prolong the lifetime of the product and save you money in the long run.

Using freezing racks away from doors or openings and maintaining a minimum of 30mm between plates aids fast and efficient freezing. Ensuring air circulation of between 3-6 meters per second and keeping plates clean also helps keep plates in the optimum condition.

Using a specialist blast freezer is the best way to support the plates and keep costs down. There are many different types of blast freezers available, and CRS can help you find out which would be best suited to you.

Preconditioning Blast Freezer

How CRS can help

So, we now know that Eutectic Plates are essential in the cold chain process, but it’s also essential that freezer plates and gel packs are preconditioned effectively and efficiently.

You can reduce the time preconditioning takes, improve efficiency and cut costs without compromising the cold chain with a Preconditioning Blast Freezer from CRS.

Speak to one of our expert advisors today to gain advice on the right solution for your needs.

Monday 11th February 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage