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The commercial fish industry is worth over £63 billion pounds and is booming. With UK government recommendations stating that 2 portions of fish a week is a healthy requirement, it is no wonder that the fish industry is growing.

As the commercial fish industry continues to increase in profits and demand, there is search for the most innovative methods to store fish. 

Ensuring that the fish is fresh and high quality for its consumers is vital for the success of the fish industry. After the fish is caught, storing the fish is essential to optimising sales. This article will give an insight on the best ways to store fish after it is caught.



Fish Cold Stores

Fish Cold Storage at Sea

It is essential for Fish to be quickly and permanently frozen almost from the time of being caught to the time it is purchased by the consumer. Once fish is caught, there is a process that must be followed whilst it is still on the boat to ensure fish remains fresh, good quality and cold.

Fish is immediately gut and left to bled in cold water for 15-30 minutes. After this process is complete fish is stored at a low temperature on board. Some fish may also be headed to ensure that freezer space can be used more efficiently.

Fish may also be needed to be stored to contain one species as this will be important for packaging when marketed. Proportioning fish prevents it from spoiling and keeps it fresh for longer. It additionally extends the time that is spent catching fish till at maximum storage.  Fish can be kept stored in ice for up to 15 days and quality is like freshly caught fish. This further prevents rigor mortis.

Brine freezing is one of the most common methods that is used to freeze larger fish. However, Blast Freezers may be more effective in ensuring fish is kept colder at temperatures between -20 to -40 degrees. Blast freezing ensures the fish is kept prepared for sale to consumers.

  20ft Blast Freezer

Blast freezers

Blast freezers allow quick and easy freezing which ensure freshness. Fish such as haddock and cod for example that are caught in the North Atlantic fisheries can be stored for up to 15 days in ice and then rapidly become inedible. Thus, the use of our much more highly efficient and powerful products is extremely important for a successful and effective prolonging of your stock life, and in turn the reduction of waste. Using a Blast Freezer will not only increase the storage time, however will also mean products can reach consumers for direct sales.

Due to the variety of fish that is caught on shore, a freezer which has a combination chilling/ freezing system would be beneficial. This would allow for a range of fish to be caught at the same time and temperature can be adapted.

 Fish Cold Storage

Processing once on land

Once fish is on land it will need to be processed so it can be distributed for retail. Specialised freezing systems have been created that allow mass produce to be transported. The fish cold storage systems allow the products to be processed meeting the consumer quality and demand.

Some fish may be required to chill in storage before it is packaged and shipped to retailers. Fish can be conveniently stored in box chillers or portable fish cold storage, allowing a quick, convenient and cost-effective solution for mass storage.


CRS Cold storage options

CRS offer a range of fish cold storage solutions for commercial fisheries. There are sizes suitable for storing a large variety of your products, allowing the storage of huge quantities of fish. This will benefit your industry in productivity and efficiency.

There are also options of larger storage units such our Mega Cold Stores, these can be customised to sit your needs and requirements. Cold storage can be an efficient way to save space and expand storage facilities. As these cold storages can be stored outside they can act as an extension to existing space.

Our units can on demand be designed specifically to resist the effects of rusting, so they can be left outside without you having to worry about product damage because of iron oxidisation.


CRS meet the needs of the fish industry through a selection of features specifically designed to allow your company to be more efficient and effective in your cold storage abilities.

New and refurbished equipment is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods of six months and up. Call 0800 085 2298 for a free, no obligation quote.


Tuesday 24th July 2018

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