New Grade A Super Freezer for High-Value Seafood

At CRS, we have recently designed and manufactured the first 40ft Grade A Super Freezer for static storage of high-value seafood products for one of our large fish processing customers.

Our in-house engineering team searched worldwide in countries with very low winter temperatures to see if we can find a supplier for lighting that works at -65°C and other low-temperature components for our Grade A upgrades!

There are lots of standard Super Freezers out there, but nothing as heavily upgraded and high-spec as our new Grade A model!

The benefits of CRS Grade-A Super Freezer

Our innovative and upgraded Super Freezer offers ultra-low temperature freezing to -65˚C, which helps to improve product quality, preserve the freshness, flavour and texture of fish such as tuna, and also extends shelf life, significantly reducing the risk of spoilage and waste.

Additionally, Grade A Super Freezer offers expanded market opportunities because products with a longer shelf life and better quality offer the benefit of reaching markets that are further away!

CRS can offer Rmoni remote temperature monitoring on our hire equipment for additional peace of mind when storing high-value products.

What are the main features of our new Grade A Super Freezer?

  • Extra thick insulation all around for maintaining ultra-low temperature in ambient temperatures up to +50˚C.
  • Upgraded floor, R10 anti-slip rating, with fully welded flat aluminium floor panels. 
  • New ULT easy-open door with trace heating and internal release handle.
  • Heavy-duty steel cargo loading ramps suitable for use with ride-on pallet truck/jack.
  • Specialised low-temperature internal lighting designed to work down to -70°C.
  • Specialised person-trapped alarm system with battery backup and illuminated push button.
  • Dual Fermod ULT pressure release valves ensure the vacuum is minimised as pressure is equalised after closing the door.
  • Door-mounted temperature display with audio-visual alarm and volt-free contacts for alarm forwarding.
  • Optional remote cloud-based temperature monitoring system with SMS and email alarms.
  • Anti chambers and preconditioning rooms are available on our 40ft models.

Why choose CRS?

We offer the most innovative product in the range of Super Freezers and continuously work on the improvement and development of our solution features. We are the leading supplier of cold storage in Ireland and the UK, with years of experience with fish industry needs and storage requirements. Furthermore, we provide 24-hour emergency call-out service to all units on hire and under service contracts.

Our service team is one of the largest in the cold storage industry, so don't hesitate to contact us today! Call us on +353 00 46943 5000 or email us at

Wednesday 14th June 2023

Published by: CRS Cold Storage