Hiring Cold Storage

At this time of year, it’s important to step back and take stock. It’s a great time to tighten the purse strings and look where savings can be made to take you into a more profitable 2019.

At the top of the list for most companies that use Cold Storage is a performance review of existing solutions. We’ve had numerous enquiries in the latter part of this year from producers and restaurateurs looking to downsize their Cold Storage commitment in order to alleviate the cost.

We all know that to achieve maximum performance from your Cold Storage Solution you need to be operating at a high stock capacity for the unit, otherwise, your Cold Store is working harder to keep the internal temperature at safe levels.

While most will consider it a cost they need to swallow since their stock levels fluctuate, those savvy business owners will be looking for an alternative. That’s where CRS Mobile Cold Storage can help. CRS offers some fantastic hire options on a wide range of our Cold Rooms and Blast Freezers.

Cold Storage Hire

Cold Storage Hire

Hiring can offer huge benefits if you’re looking to keep operating costs at a minimum. For those in this position hiring a cold storage unit from CRS is easy.

The team of cold storage experts from CRS will audit your existing facilities and look at your requirements to quickly identify an appropriate solution. They will then work alongside you to work out a suitable hire length and terms to meet your needs. With flexible contract lengths, we’re confident we can provide a great solution for your business, for as long as it’s required.

Hiring commercial refrigeration in this way offers many benefits.

  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Flexible Hire Contracts
  • On-Site Delivery
  • 24hr Maintenance

A key benefit to hiring with CRS is the 24hr Maintenance provided on all our hire fleet. That means if you experience any issues with your Cold Store, or worse, a breakdown, one of our knowledgeable engineers will be with you to remedy the situation and get your Cold Store back online.

Peace of mind, matched by a premium service and high-quality hire units. What’s not to love about CRS Hire? For more details speak with one of the team on 1890 929 824

Thursday 29th November 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage