Improve Your Pharmaceutical Defrost Facilities

Best practice guidelines and legislation around international shipping of medical and pharmaceutical products are fundamental to the successful transportation of medicines.

The oversight of storing and shipping such products is becoming more stringent with time. So, it’s never been more critical to ensure that your cold storage and defrosting facilities are up to scratch. After all, we are dealing with people’s lives all around the world.

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However, having excellent refrigeration and freezing units is only one half of the equation. Your defrosting facilities need to be just as good to complete your pharma storage solution. The question is, are they?

Morep Units

CRS Morep Units

Our state-of-the-art Quick Thaw Unit (QTU) has been expertly designed to provide fast and effective defrosting of pharmaceutical goods.

It features an intelligent controller that manages data and effectively monitors and maintains internal temperatures. This precision control allows concise management of the thawing process to reduce drip loss with stored good, retaining the quality through the thawing process.

The intelligent controller allows real-time analysis of container temperature. Defrost cycle data can also be downloaded and saved for future use.

The Quick Thaw Unit offers complete control using a delay timer. The delay timer allows the user the set a scheduled time and date of the defrost cycle, meaning goods can be stored in the unit up to this point. The ability to set the defrost cycle is a considerable benefit, reducing expensive loading/unloading costs and meaning container loads can be configured to defrost just in time.

Once goods are defrosted, the Quick Thaw Units can be set to maintain a specific temperature to ensure the products remain safe and retain the highest quality.

To add to your peace of mind, here are some beneficial features of these QTUs, or Morep Units as they are also known:

  • Automation of processes
  • Effective and efficient defrosting
  • Full control and regulation of temperature within 1°C
  • Set defrost cycle ahead of time
  • Store temperature data for quality control
  • Safeguard the quality of stored medicines and pharmaceuticals

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Tuesday 20th August 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage