Conditions to Keep your Mushrooms Fresh

Unlike many other types of produce, mushrooms have a comparatively short shelf life. Several factors kick-start the onset of decay from the point of harvest, in most mushroom varieties. There are however ways to drastically slow down these chemical processes and ensure your mushrooms remain as fresh as possible, from harvest to the consumer.

Most mushroom varieties have a shelf life of no more than 3 to 4 days. However, if stored and shipped correctly it is possible to extend the shelf life by several days, ensuring that your consumers get the best out of your harvest every time. The correct harvesting, cooling, and shipping is therefore crucial to getting the most out of every harvest.

Mushroom Cold Storage

Mushroom Cold Storage


Mushrooms must be stored at 0°C at all times for freshest results. Higher temperatures will drastically increase the rate of decay, while lower temperatures increase the risk of chill damage.


One of the key factors of decay in mushrooms comes from their release of heat through respiration. This occurs immediately after harvesting and is often the cause of early onset stock damage. To prevent this, it is advised that a rapid cooling technique is used to effectively remove all field heat, before mushrooms are cooled to their final storage temperature.  This method is highly effective for increasing the shelf life of mushrooms by up to 2 days. 

Relative humidity

To prevent water and weight loss in mushrooms it is vital to store mushrooms in an environment with relatively low humidity immediately post-harvest. This is recommended to be no less than 95%.

Fruit & Veg Storage

Locally produced vegetables and fruits such as lettuce and apples that would be out of season by the end of September can be kept fresh and available for sale throughout the non-seasonable months, and products imported from abroad can be stored safely to ensure they reach your consumers in peak condition.

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Tuesday 13th November 2018

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