NaturaLINE Sustainable Cold Storage

Alongside many other industries, sustainability is a large concern within logistics relating to the impact of the process on the environment. Accordingly, The CRS Group have procured the NaturaLINE refrigeration component which will help mitigate the growing need for sustainable cold storage which is effective in the supply chain.

Developed by Carrier, the NaturaLINE is the world’s first natural refrigerant unit for cold storage container refrigeration. It works by avoiding the need to use synthetic refrigerants to keep cold storage cool and instead incorporates CO2 to deliver a sustainable cold storage range that is environmentally friendly.

With organisations adopting their CSR policies to reflect an ecological approach to logistics and the supply chain, choosing cold storage with NaturaLINE components can help improve the impact of your supply chain on the environment.

Having a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, the NaturaLINE line is currently the most environmentally sustainable range on the market and is readily available to order from CRS on our MegasBlastfreezers and Grade A and B models.

Capable of reaching -40°C, the NaturaLINE unit will improve your carbon footprint whilst allowing you to retain the same logistics strategy in order for the supply chain to keep moving along.

Key features

  • CO2 refrigerant with ultra-low GWP of 1
  • Minus -40 degrees Celsius capable
  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Industry-leading airflow and tight temperature control
  • 95% recyclability rate
  • Quiet operation

CRS Cold Storage

Having worked in the cold storage industry for nearly 20 years, The CRS Group have become a leading company in our field from striving to deliver bespoke solutions to better meet our clients needs. 

Recently, we've seen many of our clients adapting their business practices to improve the impact the operations are having on the environment, the NaturaLINE will greatly assist these clients whilst not requiring them to undergo extreme changes to their logistics, cold chain, and supply chain process.

Talk to us today and we can help advise how the NaturaLINE range can help improve the environmental impact your logistic strategy may be having. 

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage