Why choose a portable blast freezer?

Portable blast freezers are an important part of the food and hospitality industry and hold many benefits for organisations that use them.

Commercial freezing units work by quick freezing food to retain freshness and ensure food can stored in its original state for longer.

Blast freezing can extend the life of fresh fish, meat and poultry by around six months or more and can also be used to preserve many other products and produce.

Advantages of blast freezing

Traditional domestic freezing has always been used to extend the shelf life of food but it’s not always effective at preserving other elements such as texture and taste. That’s where portable blast freezers differ. Commercial units are specifically designed for professional bulk freezing and can freeze large quantities of food in a fraction of the time of domestic freezers.


Why is this important?

When foods are slow frozen, large ice crystals will begin to develop on the surface and it’s these crystals that damage the flavour, aesthetics and nutritional content of food. Quick freezing minimises the chances of these ice crystals forming, thus preserving all the best qualities of your produce.

Quality preservation is arguably the most important advantage to come from portable blast freezers but there are many others.

  • Portable blast freezers require no planning permission
  • They help meet legal safety and hygiene requirements
  • Units come with safe temperature controls you can trust
  • They offer prospective business growth
  • Offer potential for stocking a greater range of produce
  • Can increase business profitability
  • Have the ability to bring storage and distribution in-house


Who can blast freeze?

Whilst units are traditionally used by food distributors, blast freezers can actually benefit many industries in a whole range of ways. The most common industries that can benefit from portable blast freezing include:

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies

The distribution of sensitive products such as blood, saline and vaccines must be hygienic and must be temperature controlled. That’s why a portable blast freezer is the safest, most efficient option for pharma companies.


Schools, hospitals and other public organisations

Schools, hospitals and other public organisations

Blast freezing allows users to bulk freeze pre-made meals, making them perfect for organisations that need to feed large volumes of people on a daily basis. In addition, blast freezing ensures that those vulnerable to illness don’t miss out on important vitamins and nutrients that can be lost by regular domestic style freezing.




Without blast freezing most fresh fish and shellfish will not last more than a couple of days. When portable blast freezers are used to store freshly caught fish, produce can last anywhere up to 6 months before it starts to lose its freshness and quality.




Even caterers can benefit from portable blast freezing. A commercial unit opens up a wealth of opportunities including product range extension and general business growth.


Blast freezers can also be used to store and distribute meat, dairy, bakery goods and even botanicals, making them an effective piece of kit for many businesses.


What types of blast freezers are available?

No two businesses are the same, which is why there’s a varied range of portable blast freezers available for most industries.

Blast freezer sizes range from 10 to 45ft wide, have an 11-13 pallet capacity and come with the Grade A specs you’d expect from a high quality unit.

Alongside the standard 60kw portable blast freezers, businesses can also choose from:

  • Pharma grade shock and blast freezers
  • Ultra low temperature freezer
  • 106kw wide span units

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Friday 31st March 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage