CRS introduce exclusive Quick Thaw Units

CRS is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our partner Klinge Corporation we can exclusively bring you a new product, optimised to revolutionise your existing refrigeration solution.

Introducing, the Quick Thaw Unit (QTU) a high-end solution for fast, efficient defrosting of frozen goods. The QTU marks the combination of our in-house engineering expertise with the state of the art thawing units from Klinge resulting in a product that will revolutionise the storage and defrosting of frozen goods.

The Quick Thaw Units will help you improve efficiency and streamline production, offering the ability to defrost small and large quantities of frozen meat, poultry, fish or other frozen products. The QTU features an intelligent controller that provides the user with complete control of the defrost cycle and internal temperatures of the container, responding to real-time data generated by multiple data point throughout the container.

This controlled method of thawing frozen goods leads to reduced drip loss producing a higher yield and vastly superior product. The QTU boast a 50% reduction in drip loss, heralding a giant leap in the prevention of water loss and improved moisture retention of frozen goods.

Reducing drip loss is vital to maintaining the original quality for the frozen goods, with traditional defrost methods, high drip loss resulted in poor quality end products and a higher percentage of waste. CRS and Klinge analysed the drip loss during the thawing process, identifying that air temperature and speed where the two primary factors that affect the rate of drip loss. The intelligent controlled optimises both factors for best performance at all times, drastically reducing drip loss throughout the container.

The benefits of the Quick Thaw Units are clear to see, if you routinely defrost goods from frozen then the QTU is an essential solution to help you improve efficiency and reduce cost and get a higher yield from your frozen products.

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Wednesday 10th April 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage