Real-Time Refrigerated Containers

In all industries cargo is precious and of high-value to the business.

It is increasingly important when dealing with temperature sensitive goods as there is the added threat of spoilage from temperature fluctuations once in the cold chain.

For all companies reducing waste should be a core goal. From an economical and environmental stand point preventing waste where possible is a huge benefit. This is when transporting high value cargo with the cold chain.

As organisations strive to reduce waste the demand for temperature monitoring and quality assurance system is growing. Distributors are trying to pin-point the stages when spoilage occurs and take preventative action to ensure the quality of their goods. Real Time Monitoring offers companies to be reactive to temperature breaches and take an appropriate course of action to protect their goods.

Real Time Monitoring offers complete transparency through-out the cold chain. It’s a highly valuable asset, providing real-time reporting and warning of any fluctuations in temperature through-out the cold chain.

Spoilage in the cold chain can be very costly. Real Time Monitoring provides increased temperature monitoring and quality assurance and actively reduces spoilage by reporting dangers as they occur. Warning levels can be set as required for the produce in the cold chain. If there is a breach in the temperature environment, alarms will be signalled and immediate action can be taken to prevent spoilage and reduce waste.

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Leading Pharma Company

Leading Pharma Company

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Real Time Monitoring offers end-to-end transparency for the cold chain, improving validation of temperatures and offering increases ease when reporting temperature conditions to the relevant authorities. Real Time Monitoring systems can be implemented at all stages of the cold chain, so at no time will your cargo be unmonitored and vulnerable to spoilage.


Sensor2web remote temperature monitoring is a wireless system that monitors the critical components of a Cold Store. The system offers close, comprehensice monitoring of the vital parameters with alarms systems in place to warn of any temperature fluctuations outside of the desired range.

With its unique combination of wireless technology and web-based software, it also provides a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.

Rmoni Sensor2Web

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Tuesday 26th March 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage