Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring is one of the most advanced ways to check, record and change the temperature of your commercial cold storage in just a few clicks. As your business expands, your cold store tech should too. So, why should you consider a remote control system for your storage units?

What is remote temperature monitoring?

Remote temperature monitoring allows you to control and oversee the temperature of your commercial refrigeration units without physically being on site. Using internet based data, you can regularly check and record your cold storage temperature, ensuring that it’s running as it should be.

It works by using temperature sensors such as thermocouples, pressure transducers or RTDs that produce analog and pulse outputs. These check the temperature of a unit and send the results back to you.

This means that whether you’re in another part of the building or half way across the world, you can continue to monitor your cold storage temperatures effectively.

Why is it so important to businesses?

Most traditional cold storage units come equipped with temperature monitoring devices than can be checked manually. Unfortunately, these aren’t always enough if you’re not on site. If you’re one of many businesses that distributes across the scale of the UK or even globally, then you’ll know that being on site to check storage temperatures isn’t always possible.

Monitoring your cold storage temperatures regularly is imperative if you want to ensure your goods are both safe and of the highest standard. Continuous temperature drops can affect the quality of food, making it unsafe for consumption or use.

Regular temperature checks can also protect your business if a customer were to fall ill after consuming one of your products. Regular temperature recordings that show a safe and legal temperature will shield you from blame, without these you could face serious legal action.

How can you benefit from remote temperature monitoring?

There are many benefits to switching to a remote temperature monitoring system, all of which can help your business to grow and move in the right direction.

Improve profitability

With automatic monitoring and alerts, the risk of product spoilage is almost eliminated entirely.

Ultimate convenience

Being able to monitor and control your cold storage temperature from anywhere, takes away the pressure of remembering to schedule and carry out regular temperature checks.

Total efficiency

With all temperature results being recorded, logged and sent to you automatically, you can stay on top of temperature monitoring with very little effort.

User friendly

Wireless temperature control is easy to set up and use. In just a few clicks you can have complete control at your fingertips, both on site and whilst you’re on the go.

Remote temperature monitoring is also a lot more cost effective than you’d think and can potentially save your businesses thousands of pounds within just a few years.

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Tuesday 20th August 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage