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CRS offer an extensive range of products that source exceptional quality goods from suppliers like Zanotti. We believe in sourcing the best value commercial and industrial equipment.

Zanotti Freezers

Zanotti SpA is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers, selling refrigeration products to more than 70 countries worldwide. They provide a wide selection of products within the refrigeration field. Zanotti provide transport refrigeration, refrigeration for those within the catering, dairy, dry ageing, pharmaceutical and food industry.

With over 50 years of experience providing high specification refrigeration, Zanotti products have grown into innovative solutions for many industries. CRS has a range of products that are equipped with these advanced technologies to guarantee safety of all products and allow your company to benefit from the satisfying equipment. A range of our temperature controlled products are manufactured with Zanotti equipment, including: Cold storage units, Chillers and blast freezers. Our choice of Zanotti as our suppliers additionally ensures that products are the most up-to-date and at the highest degree of reliability for our clients.

Zanotti products include Uniblock AS-R monoblok units that have been specially developed for small cold room appliances to provide reliable refrigeration. The main characteristic is the casing and the refrigerating system suitable for outside use without any protection against atmospheric agents.

Key features of Zanotti refrigeration products include:

Hermetic compressors are of the key features, and these are complete with crankcase heater, double solenoid valve and system to control the condensing pressure (pressure switch for condenser fans for models 121-123-221-135, or electronic speed regulator for models 235-335-340). This provides assurance of the best spec equipment within our cold storage products.

The combination of features in Zanotti refrigeration products provides high-tech and optimum quality solutions for industries. For example, defrost is through hot gas injection and the expansion through capillary tube.
In addition, due to the casing, it is especially built to protect at the maximum level and so can be a peace of mind for many industries when storing products.

The internal refrigerating system consists of the air inlet of the condenser, coming from the lower part of the unit while the air outlet is from the front part.
 Therefore, as the unit is controlled by an electronic card, all functions can be controlled and protected by a lockable door. Extra safety assurance is provided as the unit is fitted with external socket-plug to simplify electrical connections and to provide flexibility.

We hope to source the most up-to-date and reliable equipment from our suppliers to provide the top solution for our clients. The team of experts here at CRS will work with you to ensure your Controlled temperature units and refrigeration products are the best quality available for your industry.

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Monday 18th December 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage