Zanotti Refrigeration

Zanotti refrigeration are the world’s leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers, specialising in cold storage and cold transportation solutions.

Who are Zanotti?

With over 50 years of experience in the cold storage industry, Zanotti have firmly secured their reputation as the kings of cold. Selling products to over 70 countries worldwide, they understand the importance of high quality refrigerated transport and why quality is so important to their customers.


Zanotti Products

What type of products do they offer?

Zanotti offer everything a business could need for commercial cold storage and transportation, from basic cold units to entire warehouses.

Zanotti static units can include low noise refrigeration units for residential areas, mini cold stores perfect for smaller businesses, standard cold storage units and refrigerated warehouses for companies looking to expand rapidly.

Zanotti’s portable units also offer high quality protection for goods crossing the country and the globe. These include a range of transferable cold store and freezing units, as well as many added extra components to meet the individual needs of your business.

What industries do they serve?

Zanotti’s static and portable refrigeration units can be used by anyone in the food or drink industry looking for a long term, reliable cold store solution. From small catering companies to large organisations such as hospitals and schools, their refrigeration units are highly flexible.

Just some of the specific types of food stuff you can store in a Zanotti unit include:

  • Dairy produce such as milk, yoghurt and cream.
  • Specialist dairy such as temperature sensitive/controlled cheeses.
  • Raw and cooked meats such as seafood, poultry, beef etc.
  • Cured meats such as salami, ham and bacon.
  • Fruits and vegetables, either fresh of pre-packaged.
  • Pre-prepared meals and other convenience foods.

With precise temperature control and state of the art cooling technology, a Zanotti refrigeration unit makes it easier and safer to store any type of produce, whatever your business.

Why choose Zanotti refrigeration?

When you choose a Zanotti refrigeration unit, you’re choosing to invest in quality. As world leaders in the commercial refrigeration industry, all of their products have been created and tested to the highest standard. This ensures your produce is safe and secure, whether it’s in storage or on the road.

With innovative designs and solutions, Zanotti units are changing the way both small businesses and larger organisations look after their produce. With health and safety regulations becoming increasingly complicated and customers demanding more from businesses, investing in the latest and best cold storage is a smart long-term solution.

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Thursday 19th January 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage