Remote Temperature Monitoring Transport Solutions

For more information on our remote temperature monitoring solutions, call our temperature controlled storage experts today on 1890 929 854.

Avoid risking damage to your goods due to environmental and temperature variations during the transportation process by utilising wireless temperature monitoring and alarm solutions. Our systems provide 24/7 monitoring for your storage areas which can be tailored to match your infrastructure and resource needs.

Benefits of Remote Temperature Monitoring

  • Early warning system frost alert option
  • Additional fire protection due to over-heating warning system
  • Temperature sensitive goods are guaranteed to be safe during both transport and storage
  • We install the systems and teach you how to use them, which minimises your overhead costs
  • Additional remote monitoring by expert CRS staff is available to pre-empt any issues for you
  • You get peace of mind knowing your goods transportation is being monitored at all times

For more information call our temperature controlled storage experts today on 1890 929 854.