Rmoni Remote Temperature Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, overpressure, underpressure etc.
  • A cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.
  • Ready-to-use reports for regulatory authorities and internal audits.

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Remote Temperature Monitoring

Easy-to-Use, Cost-Efficient Remote Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Sensors

No cabling, drilling or hassle. Rmoni's wireless sensors are easily installed whatever the environment; trucks, labs, factories or storage. The unique wireless solution gives maximum flexibility to renovate, re-organise and expand your operation.

Web-Based Software

Focus on your business, not the IT. Web-based software means that data is available any time and anywhere from any web-enabled device, as well as meaning no worries about application management, backups or software installation.

Industry Standards

Fully reliable and easily integrated.

Sensor2web uses the ZigBee Protocol, the industry standard for wireless communication. This not only guarantees reliable and secure data transfers, it also enables easy integration with other systems.

Wide Range of Hardware

Any application, any circumstance. The range offers a complete hardware selection to set up wireless temperature monitoring in any kind of environment, whether it is an ultra-sensitive pharmagrade clean room or a more "rough and ready" international transport.

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Sensor2web remote temperature monitoring is a wireless monitoring system for permanent registration and surveillance of critical parameters. Typical applications include the temperature of food products inside cooling units, environmental conditions in pharmaceutical clean-rooms, and the air quality in public buildings.

This system enables close and comprehensive monitoring of these parameters and a rapid response in the event of deviations. With its unique combination of wireless technology and Web-based software, it also provides a cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to manual measurements.

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