Other Temperature Control Products

As well as our normal range of refrigeration containers, blast freezers, cold stores and remote temperature monitoring, we offer and support many other temperature controlled storage solutions.

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Custom Finish

Customised Shelving

Whether you are looking for ramps, curtains or a branded exterior there is a solution available to match your needs.

Multiple Accesses

Multiple Accesses

When you have the need for multiple accesses in your container, sometimes it can get tricky. CRS have the experience and the expertise to help.

Multiple Chambers

Multiple Temperature Chambers

When space is at a premium and you need mutliple temperature ranges catered for, this solution is ideal.

Double Stacked Container Storage

Storage and Shipping Containers

Weatherproof and lockable containers suited for both storage and shipping.

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Hot Box Climate Control Containers

Hot Box Stores and Containers

Temperature controlled environmental containers for up to +60 degrees Celsius.

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Meat Rail Portable Cold Storage

Meat Rail Portable Cold Store

The 40ft meat rail cold store has 252 hooks with a capacity of up to 6048kg of product.

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Mini Mobile Cold Storage Container

Mini Mobile Cold Store

Ultra-mobile cold storage container with tailgate ramp for easy loading and unloading.

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