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6th January 2010

It was reported last week by Oregon Live that around 22,000 people across the state of Oregon may have to get vaccinated again because of storage issues at a number of clinics. The storage issues where namely vaccines were not being stored at the...

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4th January 2010

So why should you choose a portable cold store over a static alternative? One of the key benefits of a portable cold store is, as its name suggests, portable, meaning it can be delivered to you wherever you are. A great example underlining the...

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20th March 2003

What is a blast freezer? Simply put, a blast freezer is just a freezer which is very cold. Blast freezers are sometimes referred to as shock freezers. The idea of this type of freezer is to very rapidly bring down the temperature of (usually)...

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20th March 2002

With much of Europe’s sky in unparalleled silence following the recent Volcano in Iceland, companies need to find a different resolution to transporting products throughout Europe and beyond. Temperature sensitive products, for instance high...

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